Senior Pastors

The Church is managed by the Senior Pastors and their staff under delegated authority from the Elders and the Finance Committee.


There are five Elders with one position currently vacant. They are Pastors Rod and Viv Plummer, Alex Worstling and Graeme Kirkwood. The Elders responsibility is to provide spiritual and leadership support and guidance to the Senior Pastors.

Financial Accountability

The Churches finances are monitored by internal staff and procedures, a Finance Committee including three (3) non staff business people and a firm of external Japanese Chartered Accountants.

Salary Setting

Salaries are set by the Finance Committee using predetermined salary banding scale based around job profiles, level of responsibility and performance.

Financial Interests Policy

Lifehouse Church has adopted a Financial interests Policy applicable to the Senior Pastors, Staff, Elders and the Finance Committee members. Where a perceived or actual financial interest arises for an individual or a related family member, the member will be removed from all conversations and the decision making process relating to the matter.

Related Organisations

The initial calling of the Senior Pastors has been to build a strong vibrant Church that reaches the youth of Japan. The mandate for Lifehouse Church has now grown wider to where there are now Lifehouse Churches operating as separate Church organisations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and the United States of America. The Elders of Lifehouse Japan have representation in each of the separate locations.


The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement provides spiritual covering, accountability and Pastors credentials for Lifehouse Japan and its Pastors. The ACC has over 1300 Churches within Australia and an extensive international missionary and relief agency work.


Income and Expenses Graphs

The finances being reported in the graphs below are for the day to day operations of Church for Total Income and Expenses for the 2013 Calendar year.

Special / Dedicated Offerings

Special or dedicated offerings for future buildings or events have not been reported in these graphs. They are held in separate Banks account and not used for day to day operations.

Expenses Control

Lifehouse prepares annual budgets and financial results are reviewed regularly by the Finance Committee. The Church also engages a Japanese Chartered Accounting firm on a monthly basis to review the accounts and validate all taxes payable.